Friday, May 16, 2014

Tote Bag Project

So this was very fun. I am taking a costume design/ sewing class at SJSU and it has taught me a lot. I used to be scared of the sewing machines and now... well, still a tad bit afraid, but at least I know know how to use them.

So this was a bit past the first stage of the tote bag final. We would have a pattern from brown tracing paper and cut at certain lengths in order to do machine sewing. Not only that but we also have muslin to cut out for the bag.

Around this point, I knew I didn't want the gorgeous pattern to be destroyed by a pocket so I decided to make a pocket inside.

At this point, I have made a beige pocket inside my tote bag. This is what my bag would have looked like a regular tote bag

We had to make the straps for our own bag. This straps part was actually kind of hard to do with all of the pinning and making sure everything is alined.
 Pinning is hard!

 Past this point, the lining and the outer patterned fabric needs to .

Here is what it looks like 90% complete.
I just need to add the flowers you see outside

 then we had to hand sew on some type of encloseure. Here I chose a snap

 Now this is my final bag. I'm so proud of it!

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